Wardville Cemetery

Recreated and Restored

Wardville 1854Though the original Wardville Cemetery has long been buried underneath the waters of Lake Pat, we are proud to have an historically accurate replica on our grounds. We have recreated and restored the Wardville cemetery just as it would have looked more than 200 years ago. Come visit us at the Chisholm Trail Outdoor museum and see for yourself what an 1800s cemetery would have looked like. 

Museum Attractions

Step Back In Time & See What It Was Like To Live In The Wild West

Accessible by the public, the Chisholm Trail Outdoor Museum is an open area where visitors can learn about how the cattle drives along the trail impacted life and the history of the first county seat of Johnson County, Texas. Come check out the original courthouse, a stagecoach station, a blacksmith shop, and many more attractions on the banks of Lake Pat Cleburne on the Chisholm Trail. Be sure to check out the many Historical Markers along the Chisholm Trail for a fun driving adventure.