Blacksmith Shop

An 1800s Town Necessity

Back in the 1800s, every town had a blacksmith shop. We knew The Chisholm Trail Outdoor Museum couldn't accurately portray life in the 1800s without a blacksmith shop of our own. In 2009, we added this feature to our museum. We are proud to have our very own professional Blacksmith, Sam Keller, on site. Sam not only does blacksmithing demonstrations, he also sells many of his pieces in the shop. 

In addition, the Blacksmith Shop also boasts a 150 year old anvil and a vise that has been used in shops for more than 200 years. There is also a horseshoe display with historical pieces ranging from Pancho Villa's horse's shoe, to the horseshoes from Teddy Roosevelt's children's horses. Whether you are a local, or just passing through, the Blacksmith Shop is a must see during your visit to The Chisholm Trail Outdoor Museum. 

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