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15th Annual Pioneer Days
Wednesday, January 03, 2018
15th Annual Pioneer Days**Free Event** November 16th, 17th, 18th, 2018 8am to 6pm each day Come and experience life in.... More
2018 Market Days at BBM/CTOM, April through October
Thursday, February 01, 2018
Join us for Market Days, April through October! On the 4th Saturday of the month, the Big Bear Native American.... More
2015 Original Poco Bueno Saddle Found at CTOM!
Let me tell you a story about my first time at Chisholm Trail Museum in Cleburne, Texas. Don Decker called and ask me if I would meet him at the Museum to drop off some of my Books I wrote; No Shortcuts To Glory, so I headed out. Well when I got there Don was hanging around the Jail talking, Something about that looked so normal, Don at a Jail........Any way I walked over to him and made some comment about him in Jail..... and as Don often does he just kept talking like I wasn't there.....just kidding....Don introduced me to everyone and they where so nice and offered to show me around... Well the Tour began, we went to the School House first where they still teach in this building today. Local Schools bring some groups over and the History begins.... Then we went to the old Courthouse which is the oldest log courthouse in the State. Everything is like it was in the 1800's what a wonderful trip back in time...So Much History...Well we went next to the Jail this is so exciting to step back in time where maybe Billy the Kid or some other Gun Slinger spent some time there also...Well I was looking around there where an old Winchester hung on the wall along with some shotguns etc...the original bars where there holding some hombres...that were guest of the Sheriff.... Well looking around I wasn't aware of what was gonna happen next that Changed my Life.......I saw a Saddle in the Corner of the Jail which is not unusual EXCEPT!!!! there was something about this Saddle that drew me to it. There was a familiarity about it like I had scene it before.....
Well the closer I got the more excited I became. Could this be the Saddle I have been looking for for over 20 Years...is it Possible??
And Then I realized this was the Saddle that my Dad Pine Johnson Rode on the Hall of Fame Horse Poco Bueno...and was on the cover of my book........I was beside my self, I thought it was lost, my Brothers thought I had it and I thought they had it.......but neither was true, IT WAS LOST..Until This day!!! Well I was yelling at Don telling him to come in, he thought maybe I got stuck inside the Jail bars... but I told him this is Dad’s Saddle. He ask are you sure so I showed him the marks on it and the Saddle maker's Stamp and showed him the original Picture I had...and he said well Praise God....I said Amen............Well the wonderful People at the Museum seem to be as excited or more so than I was... Well Don introduced me to David Murdoch and what he told me next simply humbled me to my bones. David told me that felt led to give me the Saddle... GOD is still on the Throne...God said that all that was lost shall be returned....Blessed be the Name of The Lord....
NOW I am able to give the Saddle to the Hall of Fame where all of the Horses are that Dad Trained..
Well I cannot guarantee you will find your Saddle, but I can Guarantee you will be Change by all the History of this Great Museum and all the wonderful People that make this happen every day....
I want to thank God, David Murdoch and everyone that made my Dream come true...
Oh and Thanks to Uncle Don Decker... the Last of the Great Cowboys.....
God Bless
Ken Johnson
Chisholm Trail Marker - Precinct 1 Commissioner
Feeder trails from Hillsboro and points east arrived here. Often the main trail north to the Kansas railhead would become overcrowded spreading several miles wide. At this point, the trail boss would send his most experienced rider ahead to pick.... Read More
Did you know?
Red River (1948), directed by Howard Hawks, is a fictional account of the first drive along the Chisholm Trail, starring John Wayne and Montgomery Clift. The trail is the subject of a country song, Old Chisholm Trail. Among those who have covered the song are Gene Autry, Girls of the Golden West, Michael Martin Murphey,

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