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Seeing the Moon in a Whole New Light
Saturday, October 12, 2013
Free science and history event, family friendly, fun for all ages Afternoon solar viewing, evening and planetary viewing, free beginning.... More
Pioneer Days
Friday, November 22, 2013
PIONEER DAYS 2013 While the weather did not lend itself to large numbers of people coming to this year's Pioneer.... More
Copy Of Pioneer Days
Thursday, November 28, 2013
PIONEER DAYS 2013 While the weather did not lend itself to large numbers of people coming to this year's Pioneer.... More
Latest News
RAFFLE WINNER!!! At 5:30 PM on Saturday eight year old Brian Depaiva, from Keene, drew the winning ticket # 0168 which belonged to the lucky Paul Adlof from McKinney. Paul and his wife Shelly came back to Cleburne on Monday and met with John Schultz, the gunsmith who prepared this years gun. They all met at the Cleburne Courthouse.... Read More
Chisholm Trail Pioneer Days
Mark your calendar November 22 & 23, 2013 - Chisholm Trail Pioneer Days will bring a host of food, fun, activities and music for the whole family at the Chisholm Trail Outdoor Museum on U.S. 67 in Cleburne on the west side of Lake Pat Cleburne. Events are planned throughout the day. 2013 will be our 10th year to hold.... Read More
Update: NOLAN RIVER SCHOOL Opened June 26, 2012
The original Nolan River School operated from 1855 to 1872 and was rebuilt and reopened in 2012. Several forth grade classes from Marti elementary were taught this spring along with a second grade class from Gerard. There were also High School classes from Cleburne, Alavarado and even some from Hill College. Children from many different schools have been coming out.... Read More
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Chisholm Trail Maps
Chisholm Trail Marker - Godley
In 1867, Joe McCoy diverted his cattle drive around the swollen Trinity River and stranded herds to the north. From Buchanan, he pioneered an uncharted course course through Godley, Cresson, Decatur and Red River Station then back to the main.... Read More
Did you know?
The Chisholm Trail led to the new profession of trailing contractor. A few large ranchers such as Capt. Richard King and Abel (Shanghai) Pierce delivered their own stock, but trailing contractors handled the vast majority of herds.

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